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significant thickness of the needle, intradermal injection, damage to the skin, the introduction of cialis constantly in one area of ​​the body, the introduction of a cold drug. Local reactions are not dangerous and, as a rule, pass without medical intervention. At the site of insulin injection, some seal may form, which rises somewhat above the surface of the skin. The papule persists for 14 days.

A dangerous complication is cialis phenomenon.

As a rule, a papule is formed if the patient injects insulin constantly in the same place. The seal is formed after a week of such use, accompanied by soreness and itching. If the injection enters the papule again, an infiltrate is formed, the volume of which is constantly increasing. An abscess and a purulent fistula form, an increase in the patient's body temperature is not excluded.

In modern medicine, several types of insulin are used: synthetic and isolated from the pancreas of animals, usually porcine and bovine. Each of the listed types can provoke the manifestation of an allergy, because the substance is a protein. Important! Young women and elderly patients are more likely to experience a similar reaction of the body. Could there be an allergy to insulin? Obviously, the possibility of a reaction cannot be ruled out. It is necessary to understand how it manifests itself and what should a patient suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes do?